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Re: [IP] Pump shopping is definitely worse than car shopping


   Apart from the use of scare tactics by salesmen (which, as you
said, is _very_ individual to that particular salesman), I would
like to give you advice on another sales technique - "What can be."

   I say this because you mentioned the possibility future pumps
could incorporate a glucose sensor to begin closing the feedback loop
in the future.  The statement is almost certainly true, but I
wouldn't bet a plug nickel on it ever happening.

   For example, when Digital Satellite Systems (DSS) first came out,
they were advertised as having a high speed communications port which
can allow plug modules to receive HDTV signals.  Well, they're now
broadcasting HDTV signals, but you have to buy a new receiver to be
able to get the signals.  My high speed communications port is still
sitting here empty.

   Look at it from the business model.  MM is probably going to be
the first company out the door with a closed loop system given the
history the merged company has behind it, and the fact they have a
rudimentary glucose sensor on the market already.  When such a system
comes out, it will be very easy to convince an insurance company to
replace the new pump you bought six months ago for the obvious 
improvement available with a closed loop (all right, too much credit 
to the insurance companies, but for the most part still true).  
Electronics technology is also advancing rapidly, and any system
available in, say, three years is considered two generations ahead
of what we have now (one generation is still considered 18 months).

   So, make your decision on what you know is or will be true.  Do
not let sales droids tell you what might happen.  If it's not already
developed and ready to market, treat it as spam.

Good luck,
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