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Re: [IP] Pump shopping is definitely worse than car shopping


 Don't be taken in by the '20 year history' of Minimed.  Disetronics has been 
around in this pumping busines for a long time too.  But they started out 
over in Europe and have only been pushing hard in the states for the last 
10-11 years.  MM has been the sole provider of pumping products in this 
country and now I think they, as a whole, feel threatened that their corner 
on the market has disappeared.  And now, to make matters worse, there is a 
new competitor.  The 'big giy' is loosing business because of the new 
competition.  Of course they are going to say whatever it takes to keep their 
business thriving.

  But as I tell everyone that I talk to about pumping, it is a PERSONAL 
choice and NO ONE should be p ushing ANYONE into one particular pump brand.  
Because all three companies have loaner pump programs a person who wants to 
REALLY know each product can actually 'test drive' each product, using 
saline, and see how it REALLY works and REALLY feels and all of each of their 
functions.  Do NOT take any one particular person's word for anything because 
it is just THEIR word and they are NOT you!!!  

  So, if you are trying to decide, do NOT decide without TEST DRIVING for 

Good Luck to all who are looking and all who are pumping!

mom to Joshua
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