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Re: [IP] Another Pump War...hope not.

In a message dated 11/29/01 4:13:41 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Every one of us has chosen our pumps for reasons that satisfy US.  Our 
of a pump is not up to any other person.  And most Insurance companies will
let you pick which pump you want (at least in this area).  If you are not
happy with the pump that you have chosen, you have no one to blame but
I don't see many posting from MM pumpers that are 'dogging' the
Disetronic or Animas pumps.  Hmmmmm . . .   why is MM usually the one being

My MM rep last year did not use 'scare tactics' to get me to choose his pump.
... During the 2 hours at my home, he told me the pros and cons of the MM 508 
and I still choose to go with it.  In the 6 years of being on a Disetronic 
pump, the company never
called me once about anything.  Nor did any rep have contact with me after I
was trained 'just to check in' as my both my rep and trainer with MM did and
as I now do with my pump patients that I personally train.

We all have our own personal experiences and those experiences do not mean
that we have picked a good or bad pump ...

Can't we all just agree that (1) the choice of a pump is a very personal 
decision (2) that there are 3 pump companies in the US and all have obviously 
received FDA approval (3)
and not every pump is equal and right for every person?  Pumping is not right
for some people at all.

I think most everyone I've read posts from on this list basically agrees with 
1, 2 and 3. I think it's helpful to know your experiences and opinions about 
MM. But why are you being so defensive? This list is designed to share 
different experiences bad and good and that's what I've observed. Why are you 
attempting to quiet others who have had different experiences with MM than 
yours? Also, I certainly don't expect others to make this choice for me nor 
will I be blaming anyone for making any wrong decisions. This list has been a 
tremendous resource and help to me during a very challenging process.
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