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Re: [IP] Choosing a pump

In a message dated 11/29/01 3:41:35 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Be careful with comments from the competition. Did you ask
MM for the proof of over-delivery?
There are thousands of people now using the Animas pump, and
I am not aware of an over-delivery problem with any of them.
You could alsways call Animas and ask them.  Tell them what
you "heard". >>

I am going to do just that. I didn't ask MM for proof. I don't expect this to 
be a factor in my decision because, as you mention, thousands of people are 
using the Animas pump and many from this list appear satisfied. I don't think 
any of the pumps on the market are unsafe. MM would do well to play up the 
benefits and features of their own pump and address potential customers' 
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