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Re: [IP] Pump shopping is definitely worse than car shopping

In a message dated 11/29/01 3:41:58 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< 1).  Just how soon you'd actually get you upgrade to a Paradigm (I don't 
how they're prioritizing the list of people who want to upgrade)

2). Whether you like the idea that to get the Paradigm waterproof you can 
ONLY use special infusion sets from Minimed  ( I like the fact that my 
daughter's Animas pump is waterproof using anybody's infusion set with the 
industry-standard leur lock connection),

3).  Does it matter to you that that the Paradigm is not proven in the field 
yet.  Yes, it is from Minimed, who have been in the pump market for a long 
time and have a large base of pumpers and it has, of course, be tested and 
received FDA approval (or will have by the time it's released) -- but it is 
new technology and while some folks like to be on the leading edge (early 
adopters), I personally prefer a pump that has some real world track record 
behind it . . .

I personally am bothered by the "scare tactics" used by some Minimed folks.  
In our experience (when researching pump options almost a year ago), neither 
the Diesetronic nor the Animas reps spent anytime "talking down" the 
competition -- their focus was on explaining the benefits & features their 
particular pump(s) had to offer.  In contrast, I had two different Minimed 
people spend the majority of their time doing the exact opposite and failing 
to address my concerns and questions about the 508 (especially the static 
issue with zapping basals and/or freezing the pump for 8+ hours...
You mentioned: 
MiniMed keeps hammering away at the safety issues and says the Animas pump 
with a risk, although rare, of overdelivery.
This kind of innuendo really bothers me, but maybe it doesn't matter to you . 
..  Personally, I'd be very interested as to how they documented this "risk 
of overdelivery" to you re: the Animas pump and how they claimed to have 
eliminated that risk in the Paradigm . . .  For that matter, did they tell 
you about the (admittedly rare) instances of overdelivery with Minimed pumps 
when the reservoir door opened allowing accident depression of the plunger 
resulting in an over delivery >>

I'm told upgrades to the Paradigm will be in April or May. As for choice of 
infusion sets, I don't know if this bothers me or not as I won't know what 
infusion sets I desire until I'm pumping. It does bother me a little that the 
Paradigm is not proven in the field yet. I have had a similar experience with 
sales tactics. I am concerned about diversion tactics, i.e. mentioning safety 
issues when I asked about waterproof/static issues. I basically didn't get my 
questions answered, which is an answer unto itself. I am not bashing anyone, 
just being frank about experiences. I notice some experiences are common, but 
still think that sales reps also have individual styles. I actually really 
like one of the MM reps I'm dealing with but she is new and two others I've 
met I was rubbed the wrong way by for the reasons already mentioned. The 
tactics do really bother me and from what I can tell all pumps have problems 
sometimes. To mention a "rare" problem with a competing product to me 
suggests lack of confidence in their own product. I don't mean to suggest 
this is totally founded. Obviously many are satisfied with MM products and 
they're the big guy with the 20-year history. It just begs the question why? 
Animas should be under much more pressure being the newbie yet they exude 
much more confidence and honesty in addressing questions and concerns. You'd 
think it would be the other way around.
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