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[IP] re: dramatic Novolog vs. Humalog difference

<<Warren wrote:
> My 8-year old has been on the 508 since July and we recently started having
> problems keeping a site good for more than a day or two.  In the beginning,
> we would go 2-3 days pretty consistenly, but recently we were starting to
> experience consistent highs (250, 300, etc.) after 1.5 days or so and
> couldn't explain them.  ......
> > We tried Novolog and IMMEDIATELY saw a dramatic difference.  Same infusion
> sets, same sites, but now all-of-a-sudden we have had ZERO unexplained highs
> and extremely consistent readings - 88, 102, 117, 127, etc. - even after 3
> days, which we never were able to do before.  .... Having been through
> things like this before, we're normally pretty skeptical of such a quick-fix
> to anything.
> > Can anyone confirm having similar success with Novolog vs. Humalog, or even
> explain why it would make any difference?>>

It sounds like your son had a Humalog sensitivity, and rather than going
the in-between step that many of us had with mixing Humalog & Regular or
Velosulin, you went straight to Novolog.  We saw a similar thing in our son
from pump start in March to sites going bad for no explainable reason in May -
then we mixed & it improved it.  We've had him on Novolog for over a month & do
not have any pattern at all with the increase in bg's across 3 days.  In fact,
he often goes 4 days on Novolog just because it's so stable.  We've also
noticed that when he does get high bg on Novolog that he doesn't get ketones,
whereas on Humalog it was pretty much every time he hit >250.  As many of us
with kids know, we don't always remember to bolus right away.  We think the
Novolog absorbs better in Luke than the Humalog - he has some reaction to it. 
I think it was RoseLea who said that Humalog is generated from bacteria, and
Novolog from yeast (or vice versa) - so it makes sense that some people are
more sensitive to the differences.  

For us, when pumping is going great, we accept it - because that growth spurt
or viral infection is around the corner & you will be changing basals again on
a kid.  Enjoy the "reprieve"!
Shelly V, Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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