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[IP] 508 Problem Before Cataract Surgery

On Sunday evening, Nov. 25, when I attempted to bolus for my evening 
meal, I started having trouble with my MiniMed 508 which I have been
using for about 14 months. When I pushed the SEL button to get to the
Bolus screen, I got a Full Segment Display (first screen of Self Test)
followed by a Version screen (which I have seen before, but the manual
doesn't tell me what sequence it's in), followed usually by the Time
screen or occasionally by the first Bolus screen. After several tries
I succeeded in getting to the Bolus screen and succeeded in setting
and delivering the bolus. Basal delivery seemed to be ok. This
behavior continued all day Monday, so at 6AM on Tuesday I called the
MiniMed Help number.

The MiniMed person had me remove the battery carrier, remove the
batteries from the carrier, alcohol swab the contacts in the carrier,
and rub each of the batteries on a sheet of plain paper (to clean
them). After reinstalling the batteries and pushing the SEL button I
still got the Full Segment Display, so he decided to send me a
replacement pump. But setting up the delivery of the replacement pump
wasn't exactly straightforward, because I expected to be away from
home on Wednesday morning from 700AM to 1030AM having my second
cataract surgery. I also knew that the FedEx route driver doesn't get
to my neighborhood until after 1230PM. The man at MiniMed suggested
that maybe I should use injections for boluses, but I reasoned that as
long as the original pump could deliver the basal rates I would get
through the surgery ok. For the rest of Tuesday I would attempt
(successfully) to get to the Bolus screen for meal and high BG

This was my second cataract surgery. The first one was five weeks ago.
Everything went ok for this surgery and I was home (via taxi) about
1000AM. I didn't tell anyone at the outpatient surgery that I was
having problems with my pump, since I hadn't experienced any problems
with basal delivery. My BGs were 139 at 630, 184 at 815 (before
surgery), 254 at 915 (after surgery), and 266 at 1015. They were
prepared to measure my BG, but since I was also prepared they accepted
my figures.

The replacement pump hadn't arrived while I was away (I had arranged
with MiniMed for a signature release). About 1200noon I bolused for
lunch, and about 130PM the replacement pump arrived. Not being able to
see too well with one eye I took a couple of hours to switch the
pumps. I would like to point out that although there was some degree
of urgency for getting the replacement pump, I just kept my cool and
figured out what would work best.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pump 1995
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