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[IP] Question?

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 12 in 1948.  I was small for my age and 
lost 20 pounds.  I was diagnosed as Type I and put on insulin.  That has been 
almost 54 years and I have been on insulin all those years.   I was 
considering the pump.  I am on Medicare and they require a C-Peptide test of 
less than 0.5.  I just got my results back today, and could not believe it 
was 0.9.  Have any of you long-term diabetics had a similar experience?  I 
was fasting and had a high blood sugar, 286, when the test was run.  I had 
taken my Lantus the night before.  Could this have made the test high.  
Please, send me your comments.  I was disappointed because I wanted to be a 
pumper.  Imogene
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