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[IP] Re: Hair Loss

Here's a slightly different twist on this subject...

My next door neighbor has been experiencing many of the symptoms consistent 
with type 2 diabetes.  Over the weekend, he was almost unable to walk because 
of soreness in his feet.  At that point his wife did some internet research 
which revealed that many type 2 diagnoses are a result of people seeking 
medical care for feet problems.

So, off to the ER he went.  The ER doc refused to do any diabetes testing, 
stating, "You don't have diabetes because you have hair on your knuckles.  
Diabetics never have hair on their knuckles."

Is this statement as wacky as it sounds or have I just missed something in 
all my diabetes research?

Pam Moore, whose 14 yr. old type 1 diabetic son has no hair on his 
knuckles--but none on his chest yet either.
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