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[IP] Re : Remember 2 hrs after eating

I'm really surprised that none of the pump makers have incorporated some 
sort of an alarm clock in their pumps just for reminding us to check our 
blood sugars.  Also, it could be a nice feature for a glucose meter to have 
some sort of timer or alarm clock on it.

Currently, I have a 2 hour timer on my watch that I'll activate just after 
eating, if I don't remember, my wife usually reminds me to set it.  I also 
use a kitchen timer too.  I usually keep my meter either at my desk when I'm 
working on the computer, or on the coffee table when I'm watching tv, when 
I'm at work, it sits on my desk near my food prep area.  So I'm always being 
reminded by looking at it.

I tried using an alarm clock type feature I have on my computer, but I have 
so many reminders, bells and whistles flashing on my systems, I usually just 
blow them off most of the time.. <me bad>  So I guess the timers will work 
best for me.

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