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[IP] An important msg from BD for airline pass w/DM

Traveling with insulin syringes and other diabetes supplies has always
required advance planning. With the new security measures recently
implemented at U.S. airports, passengers will need to do more planning. Here
are some things you need to know if you will be taking a domestic flight
within the United States. Contact your airline carrier for international
travel regulations.

Ask your pharmacist to place one of his pharmacy's preprinted labels on a
box of insulin you receive. This label should include your name and the type
of insulin given to you. Be sure your name is spelled exactly as it is on
your airline ticket and retain the box so that it may be shown, along with
your vial of insulin with the manufacturer's label attached, if requested by
security at the airport.

Please note a prescription from your doctor may not be considered adequate
proof, due to forgery concerns. This will serve as proof that you have
diabetes and need to bring insulin syringes on board your flight. If you
should have a problem with security, please ask to speak to one of the
airline managers or a security supervisor to resolve the issue.

It is always advisable to bring along an extra prescription for your
diabetes care needs. Keep in mind that local laws differ and even if your
home state does not require a prescription for syringes or insulin, the
state you're visiting may require you to have one.

Additional information, including requirements for travelers who need to
carry lancets or a blood glucose monitor for blood glucose testing, is
available on the Traveling  with Diabetes page accessible from the American
Diabetes Association web site: http://www.diabetes.org

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