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[IP] 2hr post-meal tests

I am in need of some help. I have noticed that they are quite a few of my
fellow IPers who do blood sugar checks 2 hours post-meals and I am wondering
how you remember to do them.

I try as best I can to remember to do the checks, but most days I come up
with an excuse to not do them at the time that I remember and tell myself
that I will as soon as I have whatever I am doing at that time done. That
usually doesn't work. Most days I don't even remember that it is time for
the check. So, I guess I need some advice on how to get myself to remember
this checks as I know they are important. Maybe what I need is a good swift
kick in the pants. lol!

Does anyone have any pointers or ideas that have worked for you that you
would care to share with me. I would appreciate any/all advice.

Thanks in advance!

Jennifer Meyer and Cookie Monster
dx 01/91
pumping 09/00
email: email @ redacted
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