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Re: [IP] Novolog experience

> I switched from Humalog in my pump to Novolog about 3 weeks ago. 

> Two other questions I have about Novolog:
> 1. Since it stays in the system 4-5 hours (vs. 3-3.5 for Humalog) it
> seems that the longer duration could make control more difficult.
> Any comments on this? 2. I seem to have more "unresponsive highs" on
> Novolog. That is, highs (say, 220) that I take a correction bolus
> for and 1 hour later my BS hasn't moved! Again, any comments?

Reviewing the comments of others over the last month or so, it seems 
that there are three distinct areas of comment.

1) Mixers of H-V --- "it's great, works much better than H, etc..."
2) Most people --- "works about the same, maybe a tiny little slower"
3) Small number --- these people report similar problems to the folks 
that must mix Humalog now. Also in this group are people that report 
very slow response, not good for bringing down highs, etc....

The data on group 3 is VERY limited, there are so few reports in 
total for Novolog that the even fewer reflecting this sentiment don't 
support conclusions, only suspicion that there is a subset of folks 
that do/will have a sensitivity to Novolog, in the same manner as 
those that experience problems with Humalog. The nice thing is that 
now there is a choice of fast acting insulin analogs so at least one 
should work for everybody. :-)

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