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Re: [IP] Novolog experience

 For those of you that have tried Novolog, how long would you
> recommend I try it before deciding if it works better for me or not? 

I, too, tried Novolog for three weeks and saw no improvement.  I had
been given two vials by my doctor and am not one to waste anything, so
I kept at it.  About three days later, I realized that I was having to
eat constantly to cover lows.  I lowered one basal, then all of them. 
I was still having quite a few lows.  Since it hadn't worked for three
weeks, I kept thinking it was a fluke, but so far, I am still getting
"wonderful" numbers.  All I need is a good chance to test out my basals
and for the Rx I have requested to be filled in record time so I won't
have to change back to Humalog before switching to Novolog for good!

As for the longer tail/harder to control issue, it hasn't worked that
way for me.  It has leveled out my numbers.  Before, the H waited at
least an hour before working and my BGs acted like my site was old on
the second day.  Now, however, I am getting great numbers an hour or
two after eating and no lows (after I lowered each of my basals!)  It
is, however a YMMV thing, I am sure.  



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