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Re: [IP] Pump shopping is definitely worse than car shopping

I really don't know much about the Animas, but have been using the MM508 
for the past month. I've seen the Paradigm at a pump conference and was 
able to play around with it. It has many features that the 508 is 
missing, waterproof as mentioned, I wouldn't worry about having it in 
the water more than 30min, Unless you are 8 feet under water for that 
period of time. The Para also has easier menu than the 508. There are no 
clicking noises like the 508, not sure if the Animas clicks. The 
paradigm will also handle prefilled cartridges in the future. Also it's 
30% smaller than the 508 and i believe smaller than the Animas(Correct 
me if i'm wrong someone) The GMS(glucose monitoring system) may 
eventually be combined with the pump to be able to check sugar without 
pricks and adjust accordingly from one machine. The Paradigm has the 
technology to incorporate this once available down the road. I'm am 
looking forward to getting my paradigm and don't mind being a guinea pig.
Just my point of view, again one sided because i've yet to see the Animas.


email @ redacted wrote:

>I need to make a decision very soon on which pump to get and, as many of you 
>know, have narrowed the choice to between MiniMed (w/Paradigm upgrade) and 
>Animas. This process is driving me crazy.
>I am bothered by MiniMed's waterproof specifications being so conservative 
>(30 minutes at 8 feet) but intrigued by the remote feature as a woman who 
>likes to wear dresses. However, I really like the Animas pump's easy menu, 
>track record as a waterproof product and believe there could be a benefit to 
>their delivery system. Several of you have told me it isn't a big deal to 
>just fish the pump out of a thigh thing or bra for a fairly discreet bolus. 
>Also, the Animas seems really sturdy. I don't want to worry if my pump is in 
>the water for 45 minutes and happens to have a problem if the company will 
>back their product. I also like Animas business tactics better but think I 
>should make this decision based on product issues only, since I feel the 
>customer support after purchase would be good with both companies. MiniMed 
>keeps hammering away at the safety issues and says the Animas pump comes with 
>a risk, although rare, of overdelivery.
>If MiniMed didn't have the Paradigm coming out, I would definitely go with 
>Animas because of the waterproof feature. It's also very difficult to make a 
>decision when the MiniMed product I'm considering isn't even out yet. I am 
>also concerned that I would be a guinea pig of sorts with a new product, 
>despite MiniMed's long history as a company.
>So many of you have already been so helpful to me during this time I am not 
>sure what else you can say. But I am so torn. I don't think trials will help 
>me because, like I said, the Paradigm isn't available yet. Also, I need to 
>get the pump before year's end to take full advantage of my insurance 
>Any additional comments and help would be much appreciated.
>dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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