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[IP] Passed out at school

Yesterday Cory passed out during band.  He has this last period and he plays 
a trumpet.  He was hitting some high notes and felt dizzy.  Before he could 
take any action he crashed.  He only remembers waking up on the floor with 
all his band materials in disaray.  The band director was standing over him 
and was raising his legs.  This was apparently so the blood would go to 
Cory's brain and deliver oxygen.  The band director feels this incident 
occured because of the method Cory was using in blowing his horn.  I don't 
know anything about band instruments but I do know Cory's plan calls for the 
office to be contacted immediately in the event he passes out.  Three people 
are trained to administer emergency glucagon and someone is supposed to call 
911.  None of this done.  When Cory came to, the band director asked him if 
he needed to test blood sugar and Cory said no.  He came home from school 
about 30 minutes or so later.  He walked!  No one had called me -- no juice, 
sugar, etc was given, no blood test done.  When he came through the door I 
noticed his glasses were bent, he was crying and shaking.  Then he told me 
what happened.  We immediately tested his blood sugar and he was 56.  After 
rendering emergency assistance I made some phone calls!!!!!!!  His blood 
sugar stayed in the mid 200's most of the night and I was afraid to do much 
of a correction.  Now I don't really know what caused him to pass out - this 
has never happened before.  I do know his blood sugar was low when he got 
home.  I also know the school did not render proper emergency care.  Both 
Cory and I are frightened about the possibility of future events and lack of 
proper care.  We do have an attorney working on school issues.  I've called 
Cory's endo, his allergist (he also has mild asthma) and his peditrician.  I 
want to make sure it is not related to another health issue.  
Life is challenging at times,
Susan - Cory age 12 - dx'd at 9 - pumping for 11 months
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