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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #600

  Two years ago, my doctor put me on Glucophage, precose and rezulin to
try to decrease the amount of insulin I was taking. At the time I was
taking upwards of 60 units a day or more. Talk about insulin
desensitivity! He took me off the rezulin when the problems started
showing up in the news, but I am still on the other two drugs. It did
decrease the amount of insulin I was taking by about a quarter. I now
take about 45 units a day. Maybe not a significant change, but every
little bit helps!

Karen in north Pole
DX'ed 1971
Pumping since 1996
> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 08:37:06 -0800
> From: "Rabbi Hirsch Meisels" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] steroids
> Jan G. wrote:
> <<<    One thing that comes to mind in particular is when I mentioned that
> high
> fat foods really can really raise my blood sugars many hours after eating. He
> said you must be insulin insensitive and suggested that I could take pills
> for this? Wait a minute I said, I am type 1, and those pills work only with
> people who still have some of their own insulin. Just goes to prove that many
> doctors just don't know! LOL! >>>
> Your doctor might have been right on this one, some T1 diabetics WILL benefit
> from oral meds to reduce insulin resistance.
> When my insulin needs was going up too high, weight going up, and BG out of
> control. my doc recommended to start glucophage, even though being a T1 for 24
> years one can still develop T2 in conjunction with the T1.  Sometimes doctors
> do know what they are talking about, (of course, just because you go high
> after high fat meals doesn't necessarily mean you have insulin resistance).
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