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Re: [IP] Novolog experience

>I switched from Humalog in my pump to Novolog about 3 weeks ago. I switched
>because I had heard some people have fewer problems with site irritation
>(not so in my case) and fewer extremes in blood sugars (also not true in my
>case). For those of you that have tried Novolog, how long would you
>recommend I try it before deciding if it works better for me or not?

I tried Novolog and I believe I had an allergic reaction to it.  I've been 
using Humalog in my pump since May 2000 with no real problems, but was just 
curious about Novolog and all the things I had been hearing about it, so I 
got a sample bottle from my CDE to try.  After 3 days, I gave up on it and 
haven't used it since.  My site got very red and when I removed the 
infusion set, I found that it was all swollen up around the point that the 
cannula went in.  After a little bit of time, the swelling went down and my 
site looked just like a big mosquito bite.  More than 2 weeks later, I 
still have a large red spot there.   My bgs weren't better with the 
Novolog, in fact, I ran higher with the Novolog than I do with the 
Humalog.  I did speak to some Novo reps who told me that you need to give 
it at least a week to see if it benefits you.  After my reaction to it, I 
sure wasn't going to give it that long.  YMMV.  Btw, NovoNordisk did 
contact me about my reaction to Novolog and I'm sending the unused portion 
back to them for testing.

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