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Re: [IP] steroids

Jan G. wrote:
<<<    One thing that comes to mind in particular is when I mentioned that
fat foods really can really raise my blood sugars many hours after eating. He
said you must be insulin insensitive and suggested that I could take pills
for this? Wait a minute I said, I am type 1, and those pills work only with
people who still have some of their own insulin. Just goes to prove that many
doctors just don't know! LOL! >>>

Your doctor might have been right on this one, some T1 diabetics WILL benefit
from oral meds to reduce insulin resistance.
When my insulin needs was going up too high, weight going up, and BG out of
control. my doc recommended to start glucophage, even though being a T1 for 24
years one can still develop T2 in conjunction with the T1.  Sometimes doctors
do know what they are talking about, (of course, just because you go high
after high fat meals doesn't necessarily mean you have insulin resistance).

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