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[IP] Re: Dramatic difference with Novolog

Warren - I have been pumping for 2+ years and when winter set in I started 
having trouble like you mentioned with having about 1 - 2 good days then it 
was really bad.  Based on advise from people on this list and approval from 
my doctor (who basically lets me try what I want since he doesn't know much 
about the pump) I started mixing regular with the humalog.  This helped a 
lot.  I think in my case the problem started when I turned up the heat in my 
waterbed.  I think the humalog would get too warm and somehow the regular 
would make it last longer.  I know others don't have this problem.

For various reasons I have not had the best readings so I decided to try 
Novalog.  It's been a little over a month.  The first week was good, then I 
had about 5 bad days (I think a virus) and then I've been back to good - 
especially the 2 hrs after a meal are good.  I am making some minor changes 
because I have been going too low but have been happy with the results.  

I cannot believe that Minmed told you that some people can't use the pump.  
When I called about my problem, they had also suggested mixing with regular 
but said they could not tell me what ratio - that would have to come from my 

I hope your son continues to have good readings but try not to get frustrated 
if there are some unexplained highs or lows.  There are so many variables 
(stress, different types of food, medicine, infections, etc.) and you can try 
to look for patterns there aren't always obvious answers.  

Type 1 - 28 years

In a message dated 11/28/01 5:59:19 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Subject: [IP]
> My 8-year old has been on the 508 since July and we recently started having
> problems keeping a site good for more than a day or two.  In the beginning,
> we would go 2-3 days pretty consistenly, but recently we were starting to
> experience consistent highs (250, 300, etc.) after 1.5 days or so and
> couldn't explain them.  We were using the soft-sets and changed to the
> Quick-sets to see if it made any difference - it didn't.  We were beginning
> to have to consistently change every day or two.
> We called Minimed customer service and were somewhat horrified when they
> told us "well, some people just can't use the pump". That didn't seem like
> the best answer, so we talked to our diabetes educator, who suggested
> several things - one of which was to try using Novolog instead of Humalog.
> I had heard things like this before, but was pretty skeptical that it would
> really make any difference.
> We tried Novolog and IMMEDIATELY saw a dramatic difference.  Same infusion
> sets, same sites, but now all-of-a-sudden we have had ZERO unexplained highs
> and extremely consistent readings - 88, 102, 117, 127, etc. - even after 3
> days, which we never were able to do before.  The change has been so
> dramatic for us that we're wondering if maybe the experience is just a
> coincidence - maybe it's too good to be true and won't last.  We wonder if
> maybe he's just going through one of those rare 2-3 week periods when the
> stars are aligned properly and everything goes well - but then later
> everything will go back to the way it was before.  Having been through
> things like this before, we're normally pretty skeptical of such a quick-fix
> to anything.
> Can anyone confirm having similar success with Novolog vs. Humalog, or even
> explain why it would make any difference?
> Thanks,
> Warren
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