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[IP] Drugs for insulin sensitivity...was Re:steroids

Whoa! Wait another minute. there are a group of oral drugs
known as insulin sensitizers that have nothing to do with
the amount of insulin one makes, and in fact are used to
help preserve beta cells in people with Type 2.  They have
also been selectively used for people with Type 1 who also
have "resistance".
It would be my opinion that the physician referred to in the
post is more likely to be ill-informed about fat metabolism
and its effects on food absorption. Or maybe, he just forgot
that part of human physiology from pre-med classes.

Barbara B.

Wait a minute I said, I am type 1, and those pills work only
people who still have some of their own insulin. Just goes
to prove that many
doctors just don't know! LOL!

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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