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Re: [IP] steroids

> << My
>  pulmonary specialist actually laughed at me when I
>  said my inhaled steroids for asthma were causing
>  unpredictable rises in my BG. He said NONE of his
>  other patients had this problem and he couldn't
>  BELIEVE I was so SENSITIVE. @#$*%+ >>
> Catherine - 
>     Doctors don't usually have patients such as us
> that are on pumps and 
> check our blood sugars frequently. 

I thought of that. It was on the tip of my tongue to
say "I'll bet most of your diabetic patients don't 
monitor their BG well enough to notice dramatic highs,
or are just used to seeing high readings". But arguing
with a guy like that will get me nowhere. You should
have seen him - lounging back in his chair with his
arms behind his head, smirking and shaking his head at
me. It was too perfect. I would have laughed out loud
if I hadn't felt concern that he could lay his trip on
someone who might take his word as gospel and get
really sick.

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