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Re: [IP] ITCHING!!! please help

> My site is itching so bad it's driving me crazy... it feels like I
> have one big hive or something.  It's not just the site, because
> this happens every time.  The whole area about 2 inches around the
> site itches like crazy. 

See an allergist and have them do a skin test, or just cut 1" squares 
of various tapes and do it yourself. Don't for get to use the 
"sticky" on the sets you use in the test as well. You can get samples 
of the tape from various drug stores and the pump companies. Check 
them every day and note which bother you and which don't -- remove 
the itchy ones. Here's a list that has most of the tapes that work. 
Once you find one, use it underneath the set. Also, the adhesives on 
the various sets is not all the same. Some people have had success 
with this type of problem by switching from one set to another

Quick Sets
Sils/Tenders/Comfort Sets (same)

Tapes and tape patches:
Hypafix like a cotton bandaid
3m Micropore
Kendall Polyskin II
various paper tapes available at pharmacies

Barrier wipes
AllKare Protective Barrier -- Convatec NDC 0003-0374-44   order no.
37444 IV-Prep -- Smith & Nephew
Bard Protective Barrier  Film, -- liquid and wipes
Catalog # 740013
made by  C.R. Bard Inc.
Murray Hill NJ 07974

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