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Re: [IP] New pumper with a few questions

Hi.  I work in a commercial Bakery.  My biggest concern was the amount of
flour 'in the air'.  The only precaution that I take with my MM507 is to
keep it in it's leather case and keep that under my apron.  I just blow off
any flour that has accumilated on the outside.  I have never had any trouble
with flour getting into the resivoir chamber.  I wear the pump just above my
back pants p[ocket at work, outside of work I tend to wear it around my
front pocket for easy access.  I was using a 'sandwich' at my infusion site,
I will be changing over to sils, so I'll be learning over agian ;-)
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
White River Junction, VT

> I farm for a living, so I am always in the dirt and I was wondering if anyone
> had ideas of keeping the pump clean and out of the dirt and grim. What kind of
> protective case do you use and where do you wear the pump? Do you take any
> extra steps to keep the infusion sight clean?
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