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[IP] physical labor and the pump

This is in response to thanish:

I don't personally wear a pump, but my 19 year old son used the disetronic H-tron and it has not limited his physical activity in the least.  He has played baseball, football and basketball, loaded and delivered marble countertops, and done steel frame construction work--all wearing his pump.  He uses no case, but carries the pump in his pocket.  We cut a small hole in the upper part of the pocket, run the tubing through the hole into the pocket and reconnect it to the pump.  I have wondered if this gets air in the line, but he has never been meticulous about his control, so has not noticed.  He uses Tenders infusion set, which are the same as MM Sils, I'm told.  The tenders set goes in at an angle and doesn't leave much sticking up to catch on anything. Besides it is covered by clothing anyway.  The only problem he has had that has been caused by exertion is that when he sweats a lot, the tape will come loose and the set will come out.  But, he has also never used any tape pr!
ep or extra tape over the set--only the tape on the tender set itself.

Hope this helps and relieves some of your fears.

Betsy Smith
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