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Re: [IP] big toe boo boo

At 10:41 AM 11/28/01, you wrote:
>On my big toe, to the right side of the toenail, I have thisboo boo... 
>It's red and puffy, bleeding a little... I cut the nail straight across, 
>and I don't think that is the problem.  I put some peroxide on it, some 
>neosporin, and a bandaid.  It is pretty painful, especially if I've had 
>shoes on.  It's been there for about a week and seems to be getting 
>worse.  I didn't injure myself in any way, it is not a blister, but it 
>just seemed to appear... then of course I picked at it trying to figure 
>out what was wrong and that's when it opened and started bleeding a 
>little... Do I need to go to the doctor?
>What could be the problem?  What can I do to heal it?  I am paranoid about 
>my feet, but have never had any problems before.

Julie, it sounds as if you may have an infection in the toe. go see a 
Doctor as soon as possible.  The feet are the first place that will be 
affected from loss of blood flow, since they are the farthest from the 
heart.  I would suggest a Diabetic Podiatrist if there is one near you.

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