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[IP] ITCHING!!! please help

My site is itching so bad it's driving me crazy... it feels like I have one 
big hive or something.  It's not just the site, because this happens every 
time.  The whole area about 2 inches around the site itches like crazy.  I 
have tried switching from quicksets to sofsets and back again.  I have tried 
using plain alcohol, prep wipes, and barrier wipes... tegaderm down first, 
opsite tape down first, nothing under the site... tape over the site, no 
tape over... and every combination.  I use adhesive remover to take them 
off.  I wash the areas really well before and after, and use lotion 
afterwards because the skin is always a little dry.  The day after I take it 
out, the itching is gone.  What can be the problem?  I have tried as many 
different kinds of tape as my insurance company will supply, and also 
different wipes, but nothing seems to change it.  What can I do???


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