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[IP] What went wrong!

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> I know with us we work
> hard all the time, yet sometimes Cory has some unexplained highs.  His
> have been real good, but I hate it when we see a 300 or above or very many
> 200's.  Then I start beating my brains out trying to figure out what went
> wrong.  We have learned that he cannot go 3 days with a site.  He has to
> change every 2 to 2 1/2 days or he will be battling highs.

And then there are the little stresses and counterbalancers that keep the BG
normal in a person with functioning beta cells, which go way out of whack
with a Type 1.

You might have a little infection that you're not even aware of, or not
QUITE enough insulin to cover your needs, or a little adrenaline surge, or
whatever -- it's just NOT possible to know what causes all highs. Plus highs
tend to be self-perpetuating, because high BGs tend to increase insulin
resistance, and it takes more insulin than usual to bring the BGs down.

So, while you try to bring the high down, DON'T get too upset about it --
these things happen -- most important thing is to get on it and get it down,
but not to get emotional about it!


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