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[IP] steroids

My son, who was diagnosed type one at the age of 13, had his wisdom teeth extracted when he was 17.  The oral surgeon gave him a prescription for some type of steroid to prevent swelling.  I questioned the doctor about steoids and blood sugar control for diabetics because I remembered my father(type 2) having a terrible time with bg when put on steroids for asthma. The doc said he didn't think steroids would have any effect on Eric's blood sugar.  He had obviously not had previous experience with diabetes and steriods.  The doc told me my son didn't have to take the steroids.  They were just to prevent swelling and not absolutely necessary, but I thought about the repercussions from my son if I didn't give them to him and he did swell.  So we made the choice for him to take them.  His blood sugars were in the 600 range for several days and I was just about ready to take him to the hospital when they finally started falling.  He took massive doses of insulin both with the pump !
and in injections and no amount would seem to have any effect.  This was probably our most frustrating experience with diabetes.  And maybe I attribute too much to the steroids.  I suppose the trauma of the surgery could have also been a factor, but I was just astounded by the amount of insulin we were giving with seemingly NO effect on the blood sugar.

Needless to say, this doctor now knows how steroids can effect the blood sugar because I wrote him a letter and let him know of our experience.  I told him I hoped he would be more cautious in recommending steroids for a diabetic patient.  I would have much rather dealt with swelling for a few days.  This doc actually called and apologized when he received my letter--maybe he was afraid I'd file a malpractice suit.  He thanked me for the information.  I also went online and did some research which I printed and included with the letter.  The articles talked about steroids causing insulin resistance.

Sorry to be so long, but when steroids were mentioned, it really brought back the horror of that entire experience.

Betsy Smith
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