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Re: [IP] Re: any thoughts on this???

In a message dated 11/28/01 1:31:45 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi, anyone have any idea.........i work in a factory with physical labor,
 lifting, etc...i work at work tables assembling parts, how will i wear the
 infusion set, mostly the needle??/  without breaking ti off or pulling it
 out???? >>

First, there probably won't be a needle in you. While you will insert the 
infusion set with a needle, that needle will have a Teflon catheter over it. 
After you do the insertion, you remove the needle and all that's left inside 
you is the Teflon catheter. 

As long as you don't insert your infusion set in an area that knocks against 
the edge of the table, you should be OK. You'll find out soon enough when one 
is in the wrong place. I don't work in a factory, but I've put sets in where 
the edge sometimes catches on the edge of my kitchen counter or my desk. 
(Gives me a little "owie!") I've never pulled one out that way, however. If 
it is bothersome, just put another one in a different place.

Jan and Elvis
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