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[IP] Re: Sleep Apnea

Hi Chanie,
I can't comment about sleep apnea affecting nighttime blood sugars, but I'll tell you what I have been told about tonsils and adenoids.Tonsils and adenoids regularly get enlarged as that is where infection collects/or is processed (something like that), as it is supposed to.  Nowadays, they are not routinely removed, as they were when I was a child.  In fact, my friend's ENT let her daughter suffer from strep throat for a couple of years before he agreed to her tonsils being removed.  Don't rush into anything!!  Also, I have had a lot of experience with speech therapists, as Claire was born with a cleft palate.  Removal of tonsils and adenoids can lead to speech problems, where there were none before.  The therapist told me that all children who are considering having their adenoids removed should be first checked by a speech therapist to make sure that it won't cause a problem.  She was very thorough and professional, more so than the average speech therapist, so you may have!
 to push for such an assessment if you want one.  Surgery inside the mouth and throat is not easy with a diabetic child, but with a pump can be much more easily manage
d.  You can just bolus for all the ice-cream she would have to eat for a week or so!!  Claire has had 3 major surgeries and many minor ones.  
Good luck, but seek a second opinion before going ahead.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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