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[IP] Re: Infusion sets

>I will start on my pump very soon, but I wanted to ask those of you on the
>MiniMed 508 about infusion sets. What are the better ones, the soft set or the
>quick set? Also is there any pain involved in the injection of the infusion
>set. I know I have been diabetic for 26 years but it looks allot different
>then the syringe. Any help would be appreciated.

I started out with the Tender/Silhouettes and used them for a year.  When 
the QuickSets came out, I tried them and liked them and have been using 
them for awhile now.  I like the inserter and with the 9mm cannula, they 
work real well for me.  With the inserter, I don't feel a thing when I 
insert the QuickSets.  YMMV.

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