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[IP] Re: post-meal spike (using fiber

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re:  [IP] Re: post-meal spike (using fiber)
> Denise mentioned a fiber that the doctor recommended to avoid post meal
> spikes.  ...<<.The fiber sample he gave me is called Fiber Supreme and has
> "The Diabetic Fiber" on the label.  It is a blend of oats, corn,soy, apple
> Fibers and Gums to
> prevent gas and bloating.>>
> Is this a supplement?  Is it in a pill form or a powder that is mixed or
> something else?  Please let us know if it works well.
> Susan

Hi Susan

This fiber does slow down the absorption of carbs so since Humalog doesn't
act  fast  enough for me to prevent a sharp rise in bg it's a good solution
for me.  My endo told me to experiment slowly with it adding just a teaspoon
at a time.  It's a powder similar to Metamucil  and such but just a
different blend of soluble fiber. I mix it with applesauce, cereal,  juice,
rice and pasta etc.  anything that makes my bg spike. I haven't seen it in
drugstores so I assume that when I'm finished with my samples, I will have
to order it by phone at the number given on the package.  Maybe other
pumpers are using fiber supplements too ?  I don't think the word DIABETIC
on the package has any special meaning.  Any of our pumping dieticians care
to comment?

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 3 years
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