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RE: [IP] John's request for palm pilot info

Hi John and Jackie and everyone else -

Here's some Palm Pilot advice that might be helpful:

As you may be aware, there are basically two types of handheld organizers -
"Palm" and "Pocket PC".  The Palm devices include the ones from Palm, Sony,
Handspring and a few other manufacturers.  Pocket PC devices are made by HP,
Compaq, Casio, and some others.

Pocket PC's (Windows CE) have their benefits, but I generally prefer the
Palm devices for applications like daibetes management and personal
organization for a number of reasons: they are generally smaller, less
expensive, faster and easier to use, and have much longer lasting batteries
than pocket PC's - ideal characteristics for programs that get a lot of
frequent, but quick, use.  There are also far more people using Palm devices
than Pocket PC's, though this is starting to even out somewhat.  My opinion
is that, unless you really need some application that only runs on Pocket
PC, Palm handhelds a better choice for a personal organizer - I think that
Palm handhelds tend to be more practical, while Pocket PC's tend to be more

More importantly, there is much more software available for Palm devices.
In particular, there are a variety of diabetes management programs available
for the Palm.  For example, my company developed a program called "Diabetes
Pilot" (www.diabetespilot.com) that runs on Palm handhelds.  There is also a
program called "GlucoPilot" that's been mentioned here recently, and a
number of others.  Personally, I'm not aware of any diabetes management
programs for Pocket PC's - another good reason to choose a Palm deveice.

Palm Gear (www.palmgear.com) is a popular place to find Palm software and
has the largest selection.  Much of it is free.  You might look in their
"Top 50" section to see what types of programs are popular with other

As for particular PalmOS models, it's difficult to make a specific
recommendation without knowing more about your needs.  Nearly all palm
software will run on any of the currently available models.  And, all of the
models do a great job of the basics of personal organization and running a
few other programs (diabetes management, games, or whatever you'd like).  In
other words, it's hard to go wrong.  So, picking a specific model depends on
your personal preferences and your budget.  The more expensive models tend
to have more memory (useful if you want to run a lot of different programs),
better displays, and more stylish cases, but they all work about the same.
Here's some general thoughts:

-If you want to spend as little as possible, the Palm m100 is the most
inexpensive model at around $100.  For a little bit more, the Visor Deluxe
from Handspring is a good choice - I noticed that Handspring was running a
special on them for the holidays.  I think the price was about $130.  I
think the Visor Deluxe is probably the best choice for a basic model.  It's
relatively inexpensive, has more memory than the m100 and (in my opinion)
looks a little better (it comes in a bunch of different colors).
Handspring's website is www.handspring.com Palm's website is www.palm.com .
Both are available at most electronics stores.

-If you're interested in a color display, the Sony Clie (color models) and
Palm m505 are both good choices.  The Sony tends to be more "fun" oriented,
and the m505 tends to be a bit more "business" oriented.  The Sony is
packaged with things like music players, while the Palm m505 is packaged
with things like software that allows you to put spreadsheets and word
documents on your palm.  The display on the Sony is somewhat better.  Both
are around $350-$450.

-There are a number of other mid-range models.  Each emphasizes different
things - price, size, style, etc.  Handspring has a good lineup of midrange
models with different colors, shapes, and features.

If you're interested in finding out more about specific models, you may want
to take a look at them at your local electronics store.

If you have any other questions, let me know - I'd be glad to help however I


Mike Biewenga

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> Please send me the same info and the software, memory needed to
> keep track of
> everything I eat etc.
> I hope to get one this week.
> Looking forward to getting the email either on the digest or personally.
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> Thanks........Jackie Pearce
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