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Re: [IP] Remote

 I find if rather difficult to hear the beeps of the remote unless I am in 
> a fairly quiet area, it I am at a party or banquet, I find it impossible to 
> hear the beeps. How do you deal with this?
>     Thanks - Jan G.
Hi Jan - (and others following this thread) I DON'T have a MM with the remote - but I DO have a disetronic that also beeps.  If I have on a 1 piece dress (an article of clothing that I CHOOSE not to purchase anymore - and the pump is a good trade off - but I still own a few)then when I do my my bolus I feel for the buttons and carefully count and I push them.  Also my hubby leans in REAL close and helps me listen for the beeps - and we find that between the two of us - we hear them - I have only been off by 1 beep (.5 unit) at the most - if he is not with me then I slip off to the restroom if I really think I have to.

As always I do a 2 hr post check and make a correction bolus if need be. Course even before I had my pump I had taken to doing my shot right there at the table - if I had on something that was harder for me to give a shot say in my upper abdomen - my husband gave me a shot right in the arm. We've been very open about it from the start. 

Linda & Dax
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