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Re: [IP] Anyone know of a good chat/site re:anxiety?

Catherine, I had numerous anxiety attacks 3 years ago and literally thought 
Iwas losing my mind. I am so sorry to hear of someone else having them. My 
diabetic son has had 7 seizures during the night from low bg's and the last 
one he could not speak for about 10 hours. It was the scariest time of my 
entire life. The Doc thought he may have brain damage from the last one -it 
was sooo bad. I started being paranoid that I was going to let it happen 
again and so I started checking his bg every 1 1/2 hours at night. I would 
set the clock, but never really go to sleep for fear of not hearing him. 
After 8 months of doing this is when my anxiety attacks started. Many tests 
and medical bills later, I found a doctor that actually listened to what my 
lifestyle was like w/ a diabetic son(which by the way goes to my school where 
I teach so I virtually care for him 24/7 ) And she(the DOC) took me off of 
all the anxiety/depression meds and told my parents to take care of Jake- he 
went and stayed w/ them for a week ( I had never let him stay away from me) 
We taught them how to use the glucagon first and then my doctor knocked me 
out w/ old fashion nerve meds for the week. I slept almost non-stop for the 
week, day and nite. When the week was up she told me that sleep deprivation 
was one of the leading causes of anxiety and that if I didn't quit stressing 
over Jake nonstop and just learn everything I can about diabetes care and 
then let God take over- I was going to go crazy. I will be praying for you 
and hope maybe some of this may help. Hopefully, your anxiety is caused by 
something that you can fix too. Trena
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