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[IP] animas v. minimed (remote)

deanna -
fyi - i think the remote on the minimed only goes in .5 unit increments.
(someone correct me if i'm wrong)  i know you mentioned you take small amounts
of insulin, so i dont know that this will be an issue, but is for us. (our
daughters tdd is about 7 - 10 units.)

i've been following your thread with intrest, but havent written because 1.
our daughter is 3 years old, so i didnt think her lifestyle issues would be so
relevant to yours. 2. we didnt have much of a choice when it came to
however, given my current frustrations with our daughters numbers, i;d like to
say - even though the pump doesnt give us perfect numbers, it gives us a
totally differnt lifestyle, and for that, i would never give it up. i am no
longer constantly watching the clock, planning the next meal or snack, telling
my daughter when she needs to eat, or telling her she cant have both the cup
of milk and the fruit for a snack (or a second cup of juice, etc.)
erratic and unpredictable eating becomes much more managable. it's great! who
wants to eat the same amount of carbs, however flexible that can be, every

good luck.
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