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RE: [IP] Re: Re: post-meal spikes

Hi Denise,
	I actually charted my sugars (my nurse gave me a chart) I checked my sugars
right before I ate, they were fine. I checked them 1 hour after I ate (they
were within target), two hours after I was usually sky high and three hours
after I was still climbing.
	All I did was notice when my sugars started to climb - it was always that 2
hour period after my meal so my doctor suggested that I take at least half
of my dose (split it) as a square wave bolus. It took a bit of calculating,
but my sugars dropped significantly from the 2 hour post meal to the three
hour and they never climbed back up.
I use a different number system for my sugars than you, and I can't remember
the calculation. But my sugars were around 5 - 6 before meals (great), then
around 11- 13 one hour after (this is acceptable), but two hour after I was
in the 20's (bad) then I'd still be climbing up after.  Now through the
whole time frame with a square wave my sugars stay between 6 - 11 and then
drop to a stable 7 -8 (which is great). I hope you can get your sugars
figured out, my thoughts are with you.
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