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[IP] PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,  I haven't been around much lately, so have
missed a lot of posts on the list.  But, just thought
I would let you all know that yesterday I got hooked
up with Humalog in my pump!!  I did saline for a week,
and yesterday was the big day.  So far so good.  

What I wanted you all to know is:  By coincidence the
Animas sales rep showed up and he happened to have
with him the CEO of Animas.  So, I got to meet her and
she sat in on my teaching session.  Great lady!  Not
snobby - just regular.  She is a PhD and should have
asked her background, but I guess she is the one that
developed the pump and started the company.  So, if
anyone out there is still considering pump brands I
would sure recommend checking out the Animas.  Those
people are absolutely great!!  My biggest problem now,
is I forgot her name - I wanted to let the sales rep
know how much I enjoyed meeting her - but now I'm
embarrassed to tell him, because I forgot her name -
does anyone out there know?  It's Carolyn or Catherine
I think, but not sure.  

I am so excited to be pumping - we went to a
restaurant last night and what a joy to not have the
anxiety of where to draw up your insulin and inject -
most ladies rooms suck!!  I just stayed at the table
and pushed a couple of buttons!!!!  Great - sugars are
great too.  Got a little low after supper, but I just
turned off pump for an hour and had a snack.  I hope
this keeps up!!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your support so far.

Pat (PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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