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Re: [IP] a1c

Amy A. wrote:
>I rec'd my first A1C after pumping and it was 7.7. My goal was 7.5 or lower.
>So I guess that I did ok relative to that goal. However, I feel really let
>down. I suppose I expected to blow that goal out of the water and come in
>around 5 or something. My A1C's have been running around 10 for about 5
>years previous to that I was really out of control and skipping shots so my
>A1C's were 18. Needless to say I was very sick all of then time. With that
>perspective I am pleased to be doing better. But I just am not happy with
>the results. I have worked hard to manage myself better and have seen some
>immediate benefits in my daily routine. Yet I still feel unfulfilled. I know
>I should be patient. But it is one thing to know and another to do. My life
>is not all that great at the moment and I am sure that is clouding my

Dear Amy,
Yes we have all had times when we feel unsatisfied with our diabetes control, and with life in general!  It's good to hear that
your a1c's are so much better than a few years ago -- and that you are now striving to do better!  Don't forget to give
yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work, and congratulate yourself for the strides you have made so far.  My CDE
told me to expect a higher than usual a1c after starting the pump -- simply because I wouldn't be having so many darn low blood
sugars to skew them.
 I know exactly how hard it can be to work so hard and not get quite the results you were hoping for.  Keep your chin up, and
just keep plugging away at it.  We all have confidence that you WILL make and surpass your goal, perhaps even at the next a1c
How about doing something nice for yourself? -- sounds like you need something positive.  When bad things are happening around
you, treating yourself well can be the first thing to go.  Hope you can feel better soon.

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