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[IP] a1c

I rec'd my first A1C after pumping and it was 7.7. My goal was 7.5 or lower.
So I guess that I did ok relative to that goal. However, I feel really let
down. I suppose I expected to blow that goal out of the water and come in
around 5 or something. My A1C's have been running around 10 for about 5
years previous to that I was really out of control and skipping shots so my
A1C's were 18. Needless to say I was very sick all of then time. With that
perspective I am pleased to be doing better. But I just am not happy with
the results. I have worked hard to manage myself better and have seen some
immediate benefits in my daily routine. Yet I still feel unfulfilled. I know
I should be patient. But it is one thing to know and another to do. My life
is not all that great at the moment and I am sure that is clouding my

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this same feeling as has any
perspective that could help...
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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