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[IP] Wooo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooooo

This post is NOT meant to upset anyone, please, but since being dx'd 51 yrs,
1 mo, and 21 days ago, I just learned my best A1c EVER: 5.4%!!!!!!!!!!! I
think I deserve to be pleased. This is all due to what I've learned from the
'net about pumping in the last 2.5 years. Wish I'd been taught some of this
stuff years and years ago as the techniques improved. *Perhaps* I'd be
better off today. We'll never know.

My highest A1c was 15.6% in the mid '80s and A1c's weren't around much
longer than that. I saw my kidneyologist today and he said my fistula is
doing very well, but he's not quite ready to start the dialysis. I asked
what's taking so long getting me listed for a kidney tx and reminded him I
had undergone many of the required tests a couple of years ago. He's
checking - I think it's the local coordinator. She likes to drag her feet. I
guess she doesn't realize it's only peoples' lives she dealing with. :(

Well, just had to share that A1c with thousands of my best friends. (~_^)

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