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[IP] Update on new pump

I called Animas today to see if I could find out anything more about when I'd
be getting my new pump.  (Since insurance has approved it - just didn't know
when it would get sent).  They were waiting on the Certificate of Medical
Necessity from the doctor's office that they sent out this morning.  (They
sent it last week - but evidently had an incorrect fax number and it never
reached the doctor's office).

So, I called the doctor's office - to make sure they got it this time.  The
receptionist was getting ready to fax it then!

When I talked to the lady at Animas, she said if she could get it within an
hour - she could ship the pump today!!  So, I called her back to tell her the
doctor's office was getting ready to fax it.  She said she'd watch for it and
hopefully get the pump shipped today!  She'll get it shipped and the trainer
will call to schedule an appointment.  I'm hoping we can schedule for Friday
-- since I already have an appointment with the Diabetes Educator -- and she
needs to be trained by Animas too!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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