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[IP] How thick is Blood when sugars are high?

My endo addressed this a few years ago with. I am going off of memory here,
so details may be sketchy...She did indicate that blood got thicker when
blood sugars are higher. The cells are literally more "sticky" with glucose.
This causes the blood to move slower. Some complications may be exacerbated
or even caused by thick blood. For example, If you have hypertension or high
blood pressure, having the ticker blood caused by high blood sugars can
cause the blood pressure to rise. She suggested that there was research
involving the connection between thick blood and "common" circulatory and
neuropathy complications.

As far as the color is concerned, she did not address that. My blood has
always been very dark - even pre-D. (So is my father's.) I suspect that the
color may be influenced by sugar level, but it probably has more to do with
Iron. I think that Iron is the substance that gives blood its color. I do
see my endo again shortly, this is a good question for me to ask. It's very
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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