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Re: [IP] Remote

I am still trying to decide between the Animas and MiniMed pumps. I would 
like to hear from any of you b particularly women b using the remote control 
feature offered with the MiniMed 508. How important is it to you? Does it 
make a big difference in being able to hide your pump in clothing? For those 
of you without a remote, how big of a pain is it to fish the pump out of your 
dress or other clothing to use it?
I am on MDI and use pens, so I have the convenience of taking shots under the 
dinner table at restaurants while wearing nice dresses all the time. I like 
the Animas pump a lot and the absence of a remote feature wouldn't be an 
issue most of the time. But during nice dinners out in dresses I fear not 
having a remote would mean I lose the convenience I now enjoy and be forced 
to go to the restroom to use my pump like I did when I was still drawing 
insulin from vials.
Your thoughts?
Thanks so much.
dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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