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Re: [IP] I'm up and PUMPING !!

Congrats on the start of your pumping!

I've only been pumping since November 15th and am already getting the hang 
of it.  Though the carb counting still gets to me from time to time, I 
really love the new freedom I have with the pump.

The first couple of days of pumping had my basal rate of 0.7 from 12am until 
6am, 0.9 until 12am.  Now I have 3 basal rates after some fine tuning and it 
seems to be working pretty good for me now.  0.7 from 12am til 5:30, then I 
jump up to 1.3 until 9am, then back down to 0.9 for the rest of the day.

I had some really high morning BG's of 200+ until my Endo adjusted the basal 
rates for me.

You're going to love that pump.

Take care.. Enjoy and good luck!


Dx'd 1974, Pumping since 11/2001
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