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[IP] Re:Flying with supplies (was "Wedding and honeymoon wrap up")

Mrs. Pennock,
Congratulations on your recent marriage and successful honeymoon! Thanks 
loads for sharing your traveling experiences, it makes my concerns about 
flying a little smaller.
Anyway, we're leaving Friday for Ft. Meyers, FL. Our carrier, Spirit 
Airlines, told me we could bring insulin and 2 syringes with our carry-ons, 
but everything else would have to be checked in - right! We're going to pack 
the supplies we need (complete with script labels) into our carry on and hope 
for the best.  I'd sure hate to be in Fl while Liz's pump stuff stays in MI!

Linda V 

In a message dated 11/26/01 Sharon Pennock (used to be Glusman hee hee) 

> For the honeymoon, I got all prepared, had prescriptions and extras of 
> everything including pump since we were cruising in the carribean and had 
> labels affixed to syringes and glucagon etc. as advised.... and guess 
> what.... no one even looked at a thing.  on the trip  down, i went right on 
> through without even a pat down and on the way back we got flagged to have 
> an 
> open bag search, but they only opened the outside compartments where the 
> lead 
> bag for film was.... never asked if i had a sharp item etc ... nada.    
> Just 
> thought I'd mention it since I went to so much trouble getting ready for 
> this 
> trip and didn't end up needing any of it.  Of course it was all good to 
> have, 
> but its not something they are being very watchful about.
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