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[IP] Bad Sites

Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 22:41:47 EST
From: email @ redacted 

Jannie C. talked about bad sites....I have had this problem for years. I check my BG when I change a site, prime 1., check again in an hour and if it has climbed, bolus for it.  Check on hour later, and if it has gone up I change sites only.  Buy the combo packs, 10 cannulas to 5 whole sets, cannula and tubing.     I put in my silhouette at about a 10 degree angle, and still have places on my abdomen/stomach that just don't seem to absorb anymore.   It is just a bitch and cost me more, but that is the only problem  I seem to have with diabetes so I am happy.   I do not know a solution, do not know how to get rid of the "lumpy bad sites".   Just wanted you to know you are not alone,   Had to fight to get six boxes of combos every 90 days.   I don't change every day, I just have to change sites til I get a good one......my worse day was 4 new cannulas in 6 hours.    Then the other night....My lordy, I can't believe after 6 years of pumping I did this......I changed my site, felt sure I had a good spot.  BGs went up, bolused, an hour later bgs went up, changed sites, bolused, checked an hour later, bgs were up, bolused bgs were up.....changed sites for the third time and bolused - had bolused about 20 extra units by now.  Checked an hour later and discovered I had forgotten to prime the tubing by pushing the insulin until it drips out the end of the tubing connector.   I was so mad at myself...wasted two sils.   But of course everything was fine after that.    Geez.....

We have two new 7 week old cocker spaniels.......I claim that as a distraction so I don't get too Pi------- off at myself.  The dogs did it!   Works for me!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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