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[IP] Re: being grateful

> > OF
> COURSE i'm grateful for 26 years being non-diabetic! however, whether
> diagnosed at 3, 13, or 26, right now, in the moment, it's frustrating! i
> don't believe anyone who says otherwise. i think however people feel,
> whether they're diagnosed with a cold, cancer or diabetes, telling them to
> get a grip does nothing to help heal anyone. it's scary to think others
> pain, because that means we might too, and not acknowledging that pain in
> others is a great way to shield ourselves from the uncertainties in us.
> leann

I was dx'd at 11.5, but after 51 years I still get frustrated. When will it
ever let up? I have lab techs who think nothing of jabbing me 3-6 times to
get blood when I'm on the other end of that needle! I should be used to it.
I got a large bruise in a trial of a lancing device. The techs said, "That's
nothing, you should see some of them." But it was MY large purple bruise on
MY arm! I have people tell me I should be used to *whatever* by now - as
they go on their unencumbered ways. I have family members who are embarassed
I have a pump and how can I even DARE to talk about it to strangers. And the
need to take a BG in public - or even nearby? The first 22 & 21 years of
their lives I didn't do any of that stuff - why now? I'm so glad I've been
blessed with a sense of humor - it's too easy to cry at the type of an @.
Definitely YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) (~_^)

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