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[IP] Refurbished/new pumps

> >They simply sent you another pump, they did not repair yours.
> >They do it routinely, the good thing is that you have a pump that is
> >fine.
> >Its not your pump that was sent back, we do the same thing at Disetronic.
> >D.Goossens

> No, I finally got through to them on the phone, and the said the last
> of the pump changes when it goes in for repair.
> It is my pump.
> Susan

Besides, what would the chances be they had a refurbished pump all ready to
send you when you sent yours in with almost the same serial number? I, too,
believe you got your own pump and they have to have a system to record
when/what was repaired. Even our savings books from the bank have the number
adjusted each time one fills up and a new one issued - to know which version
it is. It's still the same account. (~_^)

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